Robert Anton Wilson

It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative without changing a single idea. In an evolving universe, who stands still moves backwards.


These words seem appropriate for our times, don’t they? Brought to us by a man of wit and intelligence, and brought back to me by a visit to his website, after reading news of his present difficulties.

I learned a lot from Mr. Wilson, and his writings (The Illuminatus Trilogy, etal., Cosmic Trigger, Prometheus Rising, etc.), and was saddened to hear that not only is he ill, but couldn’t even pay his rent for the few months he has left (he can now, thanks to the generosity of his fans), and thought I’d post this to get it out a little more. (It even hit /. I see, but that’s the usual troll/moron fest that /. seems to have become lately). If you’d like to contribute checkout the BoingBoing posts above, they tell you how.

Peace out.

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