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Monday Musings

Monday again.

So I’m driving myself short distances again. Don’t think the girlfriend likes it, but need to do it. I am feeling mostly better, and don’t go places if I don’t feel up to it.

Had PCP appt. Thursday, with no changes.

And then to the Audubon “Bush With Nature” opening Thursday night. I don’t like meet and greet so much, but wanted to see the art on the wall. And it was like all openings, with speeches, and catered food, and booze. i don’t drink, so there went that, and on my new low-sodium diet, there was not a lot that I dared to eat, although I did find a few things. I actually knew, from way back, a couple of people there, but did not approach them, because of my massive introvert nature. Didn’t actually talk to many people. Seems that they are rotating art since the space is small, and only one pic of mine was up, but you can see all the artworks at the link above. Buy stuff, it’s for a good cause.

Friday at Cancer Care. Until 2PM. My numbers were low ,and they were trying to decide what to do. They decided to give me my IVIG, and no Velcade, since IVIG is supposed to up my immune response. Seems to be working with the new premeds for the IVIG, not as yucky feeling this weekend either.

Looking back at my calendar I see I wasn’t in the studio much this week. Only one day it seems. I did get some painting done on a project for Jenny. A good start, but not finished. Shouldn’t take more than a few more hours though. I probably did some work on the comic also, but don’t really remember. Sometimes some kind of ennui sets in and I don’t feel like doing art, which is stupid, because it’s what I love to do. But I just feel too tired to make art sometimes. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. I think it’s the chemo, that makes everything a chore. I could be wrong, and it could be psychological, not physical. Or a combination of both.

So I found a new tasty way to add some protein to my daily diet (more or less). It’s protein ice cream from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Recipe below.

I love sweets. Adam makes the best protein ice cream so that people with a sweet
tooth can eat a whole bowl and know it isn’t moving them away from their goals. In
fact, because it includes protein and healthy fats, you can eat something that tastes like
dessert and make more progress. Here it is.

  • 1 scoop protein powder of choice (we recommend chocolate flavor)
  • 1 tablespoon of almond butter or peanut butter
  • A few splashes of the dairy or non-dairy milk of choice. The more milk you add, the
    more watery/less thick it becomes.
    How to make it: Stir the three ingredients together, place in the freezer for 30 minutes,
    and that’s it. You can toss it in the fridge for a more pudding-like experience.

It has less than 200 mg sodium (170mg give or take, depends on the amount of milk you use.) so good for my low sodium diet. I used full fat real milk, and almond butter. Turned out good, although took more than a half hour in my freezer.

I think that’s about it for today. I’m waiting for meds to be delivered, and the electrician to change out some switches. Hope this finds you well, and have a great week.