Military Commissions (Torture) Act Destined to Become Law


Rogue Regime Rides Roughshod over Human Rights

Military Commissions Bill (S. 3930)

The Senate voted 65-34 in favor of S. 3930 on Thursday evening, September 28. Vote on the measure followed the defeat of five amendments. The Senate bill will go to the House for a final vote, to replace a nearly identical bill, H.R. 6166, which the House approved Wednesday by a vote of 253 -168. The House is certain to approve the Senate bill in order to avoid the need for a House-Senate conference.

In the Senate, only 34 Senators voted against the White House-crafted Military Commissions bill that

  • re-establishes President Bush’s military tribunals, which were rejected by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional,
  • legalizes U.S. war crimes committed before December 30, 2005,
  • disallows any person harmed by the U.S., in violation of the Geneva Conventions, from filing a claim in U.S. court,
  • strips legal residents of the U.S. of their right to challenge their detention in court if they’re accused of being enemy combatants,
  • abolishes the right of Guantanamo detainees to challenge their detention, which in effect pre-judges all of them as guilty,
  • approves the CIA program that allows waterboarding and other forms of torture,
  • and names any individual, including citizens, as an unlawful enemy combatant if they provide material support to those engaged in hostilities against the U.S.

What’s next Generalissimo Bush–Dictator for life?! Why not, he, and his cronies are already wiping their asses with the constitution.

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