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Ink portrait of MLK for Martin Luther King Day. 6×4 inches Ink on watercolor paper.

6x4 inches Ink on Watercolor Paper

6×4 inches
Ink on Watercolor Paper

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Jay Defeo and The Rose

Jay Defeo worked on the massive painting, The Rose, for 8 years. When it was removed from her apartment, it basically went into storage for almost 30 years, before being restored and conserved by the Whitney museum.The artist never got to see her most famous piece hanging in a museum like she wanted. This book of essays, and photos, gives a good overview of The Rose’s and Jay Defeo’s place in art history.

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The Principles of Uncertainty

This is a great Artist’s memoir, with nice art, and text that ties in history with biography and travel. It’s a fast read also.

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Eyeball Kid

Eyeball Kid Ink on board 10.5x6.75 inches 2016

Eyeball Kid Ink on board
10.5×6.75 inches
Testing out my new G nibs. This is the first time I’ve ever used them, and I’m loving them.

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