Day 6

Hello Fans. 😀
Another day at sea, and not much going on. I got a pic
of sunrise this morning, which came out really good. I’ll attach it
here. (I don’t know how things look here, I hope the pics aren’t
killing the looks too bad.) We are/have passed through the Azores, and
passed by one of the southernmost islands tonight at about 1900. It
was right on the horizon, and just bejeweled with lights. At first I
only saw one light when looking out, and thought it was another ship,
but I got outside, and saw more lights, and figured it out. Too dark
for pics on that one.
Well that’s it, probably no more excitement, until we hit Gibraltar.

Day 4–at sea

Well we saw a whale last night. I didn’t get a picture, because didn’t
know when it was going to come up, but I saw it’s flume (or spout), and
then it breached–not very far out of the water, and then a few minutes
later we saw it’s tail. Pretty neat. We went through a storm last
night (just rain, no heave seas), but it’s sunny today. There’s always
a wind out here it seems. I can see why it was fairly easy for sailing
ships to move about on this ocean. I can, also, see how much balls it
took for them to sail further away from their homes, when they had no
idea whether or not there was anything over that horizon.
We are headed for the Azores right now, should be passing by them in a
couple of days, heading for Barcelona, via the Straights of Gibraltar.
Never been through there, and can’t wait to see it. There will be
pictures. 😀

Day one

Hey, hey! Day one of our voyage, and we’re stuck at the pier.
Something to do with the Engine Operations Systems–someone said the
navigation, but there’s no “official” word on that.
It was hard leaving Jenny this morning, esp. since I found a scrapbook
she made for me in the stuff I carried on this morning. This is the
longest time we’ll have spent apart since we’ve been together. More


macbooklogic 5in1 tool

One is a mac logic board, one is a painter’s 5 in 1 tool. Both designed for their own (completely different) purpose, and utility, and yet so similar in profile.

From the “Do No Evil” Dept.

Can I just say that Google sucks
To bad they’ve forgotten point #6 of their philosophy.

6. You can make money without doing evil.

..and, no, I won’t link to them, and I use Jeeves as my default search engine.
I really can’t believe that they think that this is a good move for their stockholders/business. Is the business they do in China enough so that all the flack they’ll get from this is worth it? Can you really trust any search you do using Google? (Can you trust searches you do from any other search engine?) This is a whole giant can of worms on trusting that results of searches are not censored, or compromised in any way. Google thinks of themselves as gatekeepers of the flow of information (or, atleast to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”) on the internet–who watches the gatekeepers?

From the Ben Franklin lives department

Hurrah!!! for students at Georgetown Univesity who turned their backs on Alberto Gonzales (*affectionately* known as the Inquistitor around here) and holding up a banner quoting Ben Franklin, to protest his speech defending the President’s domestic spying program.

GU Protest

Mainstream news sources are reporting “more” than a dozen protestors (looks like most reports came from the same wire service report.), some didn’t even mention it. Non-mainstream sources (Hammeroftruth) report up to 26 (including the 4 in black hoods holding the banner). I say any amount is good–the more the merrier.
It’s good to see that some law students remember what the Constitution is.

Windows vs Linux :D

For those who think that Windows is easier to “install” than Linux read about what it tkaes to get a new laptop where you want it here:
For those who think windows handles wireless better than linux:

Get the wireless to work. Windows won’t find my wireless network, but the Intel software does. Whatever

While this isn’t a complete virgin install of Windows, it points out how much work actually goes into setting up a new computer, even with Windows pre-installed. 😀

Redistributing wealth upwards?

I didn’t link to Wil Wheaton’s first post in this saga, because nothing interested me out of the ordinary. But this post did interest me because of one sentence/quote:

W: So redistribution of wealth downward is bad, but redistribution of wealth upward is good?

My question is, “How do you redistribute wealth upwards“?
The easy answer is that you can’t. There are other answers though, like corporate welfare.
I’d like to go on record as saying that both forms of “welfare” are wrong. Morally wrong–let’s call it what it is. Theft. At the point of a gun. It doesn’t matter who you take the money from–rich or poor–if that person has earned that money, you are stealing it from them, taking their money to do what someone else deems to be “important”. If I did that as an individual, I’d be thrown in jail, why does it make it right if a collective does it?

As an addendum, this here post of mine doesn’t really have anything to do with what Wil is talking about in his posts, and I apologize for that, and hope that everyone reads Wil’s posts in their entirety.

Time to Impeach Pres. Bush?

That’s really not question. I think that it really is time, with the NSA domestic spying news, and the president admitting to ordering the felonious acts.
Domestic spying against US citizens, wiretaps without warrants is illegal–a felony.
With the president admitting to this, and, also, saying that he will continue to do it, I’d say it’s time to show him that he’s not above the law, and to impeach him. (They impeached Clinton for sexual hanky-panky, don’t you think that this is more serious, than that?)
More facts on this can be seen here:
If we don’t bring this president to task for this, and show him that no person in the US is above the law, then we will surely become a dictatorship, sooner than later.