Caleb Charland

matchfield–silver gelatin print-20×24
Matchfield silver gelatin print 20×24

Caleb Charland is a fine photographer, who happens to work with my wife. From: Aperture Foundation | Caleb Charland

Using the laws of physics as a springboard, Caleb Charland puts elements such as fire, water, and man-made compounds to the artistic test in his series Demonstrations. In these alchemic images, he captures scientific phenomena in moments of still life as well as full-tilt action, calling to mind such forebears as Harold Edgerton and his freeze-frame milk droplets.

He uses a 4×5 camera, and the silver-gelatin print method, and painstakingly arranged compositions, to make his haunting, magical images.
More of his work can be seen at Susan Maasch Fine Art

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