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From Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins not slowing down any time soon

Q. You seem to be able to stay focused on a wide array of topics and still produce work on a consistent basis. When you’re online, what helps you sift through the all the information on the Internet?

A. I try to stay case-specific. If I’m interviewing a guest (for the IFC show), I get background information and move on. I try to stay up on what’s going on with American and foreign policy. I don’t surf around to see what’s going on; I just don’t have the time. I use as it as a tool and as efficiently as possible. I get what I need and then I get offline and go do something else.

There’s more, about his traveling to Iran–and his traveling in general, about “kids these days”, Black Flag, the music industry, advertising, and how the world seems to be getting smaller as he gets older.

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