No, not the movie with Andy Garcia. That was all right, but not as good as, say, the short animation about Giacometti–The Eternal Gaze. No the real guy.

Jeanne Hébuterne, 1919

They are having a show of his small oeuvre at The Royal Academy in London. The Guardian has a nice article on it here.

I just finished a book about his nudes and portraits, aptly titled Amedeo Modigliani: Nudes and Portraits by Anette Kruszynski.

This quote explains Modi, and the artist’s life, really well:

We…have rights that others have not, because we have different needs that place us above–one has to say it and believe it–their moral code. Your real duty is to save your dream. Your duty is never to waste yourself in sacrifice. Beauty demands some painful duties, yet they bring about the most beautiful exertions of the soul. Every obstacle we overcome marks an increase in our willpower…get used to putting your aesthetic needs above your obligations to your fellowmen.

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