What (sometimes) amazes me is how different the different manufacturer’s paints are.

F’rinstance–today I went looking for some Pthalo blue acrylic paint, which I haven’t bough in several years, but decided that I needed for some paintings that I’m working on/thinking about. At my local craft/art store they carry three brands of artist’s acrylics–Liquitex, Winsor-Newton, and Golden–all very fine paints, and I use all of them, but… Here’s something to note, Golden is more expensive than W&N (about $2 for the Pthalo–and W&N calls their pthalo blue “Winsor blue”), and W&N is about $2 more expensive than Liquitex. W&N only has one shade of the pthalo blue, where Liquitex and Golden have 2 a “red”, and a “green”, which just means which way they slide on the color scale, and which way they go if you mix them with white.
All OK so far. Open the tubes up, and compare them. W&N and Liquitex look about the same for richness, and plastic-y look that acrylics have. So not too much difference there. Not so with the Golden. It has a richer blueness about it, and doesn’t have that plastic look to it. It’s beautiful. There’s definitely more pigment in it, and the acrylic polymer formula is obviously different then the other two brands.

Yes, it costs more, but with all that pigment in there, it’s obviously worth it.

So there you have it, sometimes more costly does mean better, and always comparison shop.


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