Bucksport Waterfront Mural Project

Do you know, or are you, an artist living in Bucksport, Orland, Verona, or Prospect? Here’s an opportunity for you.

Last night I attended a committee meeting for this project. It, to put it bluntly, wasn’t very well attended. There were 7 people there, and 4 of them were the people in town government who were working on getting the project together.
This is a project the town is undertaking (with matching funds from Camden National Bank) to replace the murals that were done for the town’s bicentennial, back in 1992. The murals were taken down several years ago, because the wall they were on needed repairs, and they were never put back yup, for various reasons. They’ve been stored in a town garage, and most are in very poor shape. Some can be restored if anyone is willing to do so, but others are pretty much beyond repair.
Bucksport is looking for 11 artists or groups of artists to make up to 11 new murals (or do some restoration work on the old ones).
There is going to be another meeting on January 10 at 6:30PM at the Bucksport Town Hall (Jan. 11 if the weather’s bad)to see if there’s more interest, and to let other interested people know what’s going on. There should be some posters, etc. showing up in various places around town (thanks to some volunteers), and there is a January 31, deadline for artist’s proposals.
The murals are going to be done on 2’x4′ canvases, and then digitally blown up to 4’x8′, and put on a vinyl backing, so that they may last better than the original ones, and then the original (new) paintings will be hung in various businesses around town. The theme is “Bucksport: Past, Present, and Future.” Also, the town is planning on renting a space for the artists to work, and the public to be able to come see the works in progress, as well as supplying materials.
For more info contact David Milan at 469-7368

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