A Crooked Little Story

Crooked Little Vein
Called A Crooked Little Vein. Graphic novelist Warren Ellis’s newest piece of work, is a tight fast paced faux-noir detective novel, that moves from one sordid situation to the next, in search of an antique book that is supposed to save the US. Ellis combines Burroughs, Thompson, and Hammett, and gives your mind a smack-down of freakish wonder. The book poses several questions about morality, and when the “underground”, or “counter-culture” stops being “counter” or “under”.
SF is happening to us right now, the world is crazier than we know.
Go out and get it, and then go find everything you can by Ellis: that’s what I ‘m doing.
(Yeah, I know, I’m a little behind on some things, get over it.)

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