Woodcut–work in progress

I’ve started working on my first woodcut ever, and I’m doing what’s called a reduction print, which uses one piece of wood for all the colors. Basically what you do is, cut away what you don’t want to print, and with this method you have to plan your cuts carefully, and should, probably, print from light to dark. It’s a two color print (three if you count the white of the paper: which is actually important for this print.)and I printed the first color today.
Here’s some pics, and some explanations.

The block

Here’s the block, with the areas that will only have the color of the paper cut out. (The whit areas are wood filler that I used to fill some areas that I cut out, but didn’t want to.)


Carving 2
More carving

Test print
Test print
Rolling out the ink with the brayer.
blue printed
The blue is printed

That’s it for tonight. I’ll be doing some more cutting, and printing, and will show more pics in a couple of days.

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