The Drawing Room Show

Audrey Kawasaki posts some pics from her new group show The Drawing Room on her blog.
The thing that makes the biggest impression on me is the sameness, in theme and style, of the works in the show, which may just be because Audrey Kawasaki curated the show, but I’m thinking, not.
Ms. Kawasaki can draw beautiful women, I’ll give you that, but her style never seems to change, or grow. As for the other artists in the show, well, just look at the pics she shares. I mean there’s nothing wrong with stylistic sameness (for lack of a better word), especially in a group show of like minded painters, but I think this pulls it a little too far. It’s bland, and there’s hardly any fire in it at all. A couple of the artists do stand out some, but, where they do, it’s mostly in using a different technique, and that’s about it.
This is the up and coming of the art world, and they’re making money because they are popular (and good for them I say), but, the question is, why are they popular?
The answer is, one–that they have mastered their technique–beautifully–and two–they use very kitschy themes–beautiful women, cute children, childlike fantasies, etc.. It’s easy on the eyes, and easy on the brain. And people want easy.
This being a good, or bad thing, I suppose, depends on your idea of what art should be.
Let the fireworks begin. 🙂

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