Technique Tuesday

Vitruvian Man
Vitruvian Man

Well I was planning a post on drawing the human figure here today, with links to some sites showing proportions/relationships of various parts of the human body. Maybe some videos showing how etc. Then I realized–all this stuff only shows you how one person draws the human figure, or shows some “shortcuts”, which is all well and good–who doesn’t like shortcuts (or is that shortcake)? So this is my advice to you, this is the tutorial for the day. Learn to draw the human figure by drawing the human figure. Find a figure drawing/life drawing session near you, and spend the few dollars a week it costs to take part. If you live near a big city there’s probably a Dr. Sketchy’s near you. If not, even small cities usually have an art club, or university/college that provides these opportunities. Otherwise, take a sketchbook wherever you go, and sketch people in bookstores, parks, wherever you happen to be sitting, and have a few minutes. If all else fails, draw from photo reference, it’s not optimal since photos distort proportions somewhat, but at least it’s a start.
In other words-draw, draw, draw. It’s the only way to get good at it.
Happy Tuesday folks.

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