Redistributing wealth upwards?

I didn’t link to Wil Wheaton’s first post in this saga, because nothing interested me out of the ordinary. But this post did interest me because of one sentence/quote:

W: So redistribution of wealth downward is bad, but redistribution of wealth upward is good?

My question is, “How do you redistribute wealth upwards“?
The easy answer is that you can’t. There are other answers though, like corporate welfare.
I’d like to go on record as saying that both forms of “welfare” are wrong. Morally wrong–let’s call it what it is. Theft. At the point of a gun. It doesn’t matter who you take the money from–rich or poor–if that person has earned that money, you are stealing it from them, taking their money to do what someone else deems to be “important”. If I did that as an individual, I’d be thrown in jail, why does it make it right if a collective does it?

As an addendum, this here post of mine doesn’t really have anything to do with what Wil is talking about in his posts, and I apologize for that, and hope that everyone reads Wil’s posts in their entirety.

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