Paul Matthews

Sunlit Wife–Paul MatthewsSo there was an ad for Paul Matthews’ newest show, at Atea Ring Gallery (no website, sorry), in this months Art in America magazine (the May 2007 issue–the front page of the site changes every month). He’s a very fine figurative painter, who does mostly nudes, showing (among other things) pregnant women, child birth, old men’s fantasies, and a general view of modern life. Many of these paintings are on his site– (nudity, NSFW)–and there are links to his portraiture, and landscape, galleries, which, unfortunately, are not online yet. His paintings are lush, and well formed, with beautiful colors, and brushwork, some have background landscapes, seen through windows, that rival his figures. Really a must see as far as I’m concerned.

(Image: Sunlit Wife, Oil on Canvas, 10×15 inches, 1992–Paul Matthews)

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