On Inspiration

or the importance of keeping sketchbooks.

So I was looking for my next idea for a piece, since I don’t want to work on some of the stuff  I’ve started, and don’t have a series ready to go yet (it’s still percolating).

Trying to figure what to do I started going through my old sketchbooks.  I’ve kept a sketchbook since 1977 (since my first one my younger sister gave me), not always consistently, but pretty regular.  Sometimes I use them to work out stuff in paintings that I’m working on, sometimes I’m just drawing.   Some of the drawings are pretty well worked out, some are scribbles, some are horrible, but they all keep my hand loose, and sharpen my eyes.

Blah, blah, blah. 😀

The thing about it is that 20 some odd sketchbooks over 30 odd years have a lot of stuff in them, and can inspire a new work.  That’s what I was looking for, and what I found today.

The start of the new work:

Self Portrait 49.25
Self Portrait 49.3--Work in progress

What inspired it:

That is from a sketchbook from 1982-1983 (yes i date them, and I number them too). I liked the way the head was cut off, and thought it would make a fun portrait.

This painting:
A Girl and Her Dog
came from this sketch:
What do you use for inspiration?

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