Monday Musings –8JAN24

Bringing together recent videos with a new body of photographs and prints that sets written words aside in favor of mark-making outside of text, Unsewn Time asks us to consider our relationships to unpredictable change and ruptures in time.

Source: Kameelah Janan Rasheed: Unsewn Time | The Art Institute of Chicago

For Unsewn Time, Rasheed worked with mark making, rubbing, folding, chemical reactions, and other material explorations to consider how meaning is conveyed in forms that are created through intimate rituals and improvisational processes. Rasheed painted and collaged directly on light-sensitive photographic paper to create two large-scale works for the exhibition. She played with the quantity, order, and duration of applying photographic developer and fixer, as well as the introduction of slivers of light. She also worked with materials such as vaseline, ink, and rubbing alcohol, consciously ceding control and letting chance effects guide her working process. In addition to these material interactions, she considered her full body as an important tool in this process. In her home studio, she used the weight of her walking or rolling over the paper with her body to create marks, impressions, and varying distribution of chemicals.

And here’s how to make yourself a little alcohol heater, in case you lose power. This is a small one but you can make them bigger.

That’s it for today. Nothing profound here.

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