First full day out of hospital — 8APR22

Good to be home and breathing better. Lost quite a bit of water weight while in the hospital. Had a lot of fluid in lungs, which seems to have been the major problem. Breathing good, and feel good. Still have a cough though. Hoping fresh air, rather than the dry hospital air will help that.


In Montmartre: Picasso, Matisse and the Birth of Modernist Art by Sue Roe

A lively and deeply researched group biography of the figures who transformed the world of art in bohemian Paris in the first decade of the twentieth century

The Solar Grid by Ganzeer

Spanning several centuries after a great flood plunges much of the modern world under water, illustrator and author Ganzeer presents a dystopian tale that is less fantasy and more a premonition of the future. With bold, provocative graphics, The Solar Grid is a warning against uninhibited capitalist greed, failures to address climate change, obsession with celebrity culture, the suppression of dissent, and the powerful nexus of billionaire corporations and policy makers. All the same, it offers hope and a blueprint for resistance. Composed of ten issues, The Solar Grid is a powerful graphic series that cares to indict the most pressing concerns of our times.

A serialized graphic novel. Got the first 5 issues. I’m hoping the last 5 come faster than these. since he’s been working on them for 6 years or more.

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