Day 4–at sea

Well we saw a whale last night. I didn’t get a picture, because didn’t
know when it was going to come up, but I saw it’s flume (or spout), and
then it breached–not very far out of the water, and then a few minutes
later we saw it’s tail. Pretty neat. We went through a storm last
night (just rain, no heave seas), but it’s sunny today. There’s always
a wind out here it seems. I can see why it was fairly easy for sailing
ships to move about on this ocean. I can, also, see how much balls it
took for them to sail further away from their homes, when they had no
idea whether or not there was anything over that horizon.
We are headed for the Azores right now, should be passing by them in a
couple of days, heading for Barcelona, via the Straights of Gibraltar.
Never been through there, and can’t wait to see it. There will be
pictures. 😀

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