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Crimson Clown

for Whitechapel’s Remake/Remodel.


The Crimson Clown is Delton Prouse, a wealthy young bachelor, able veteran of The Great War, explorer, and all around adventurer who functions as a modern Robin Hood, stealing from the unjustly rich and returning money to helpless victims or worthy organizations. He dresses in a mostly white clown suit and uses a tear gas pistol (later this became a “gas gun”).

The Airtight Garage of Jenny Everywhere

New remake/remodel for Whitechapel–Jenny Everywhere. jp

Jenny Everywhere is a public domain comic character, who can be used by anybody for anything. She can travel dimensions, and make appearances in other comic continuums. Micheal Moorcock’s character Jerry Cornelius Was allowed to be used like thisfor a time, and was used by several SF authors, including Moebius (Jean Girard) in his series The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius, until, for some reason, permission was taken away to do so, which led to great weirdness when Moebius’ work was republished. Be that as it may, here it is.

Berserker Wonder Woman

Did this for Warren Ellis’ Remake/Remodel. This quote was the impetus:

…Wonder Woman was able to further increase her strength. She was unable to remove her bracelets without going insane. In times of great need, however, she would do just that, in order to temporarily augment her power tenfold. Since she would become a threat to friend and foe alike, she would use Amazonian berserker rage only as a weapon of last resort…

So here it is. I took some scans of the stages, so here they are (click on pics to see bigger):

First the ink and pencil drawing, scanned in.
Next add some textures and stuff, and 'blueline' it and print it back out.
Inked, with washes, scanned back in.
Final product.