Can I just say FUCK Shepard Fairey?

Steelerbaby Blues – News – News – Pittsburgh City Paper
I don’t really care if his art is derivative, and that he steals all his ideas from elswhere. I don’t care that he tags stuff in the street. I don’t care that he’s a massive sellout to the ideas he espouses.
Wait a minute–
Yes I do. Nothing irks me more than some asshole who claims “fair use”* when he literally steals other artist’s work without acknowledging it (until he’s made to), and just barely doing anything to it to modify it, and turns around and issues a cease and desist order to some one who uses one word that he claims he’s trademarked and that no one else can use–never mind that it’s a very common word in the english language–in a product that bears no resemblance to his own in any way.

*Which as collage artist, I know that the work has to be tranformed in some way, so it’s not just a copy, and there are a lot of legal gray areas, and the law is pretty screwed up, as is most of the copyright code (see my post here). But we can leave that for another time.
So,I’d just like to say:



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