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  • Bioscience and the New Threat | mediapathic – So the solution, according to Wiley, is to doctor the plants to produce more food and more nutritional value. Most agricultural businesses claim that this is what they do, but Wiley claims that they focus excessively on ease of shipping and other qualities that are directly profitable, at the cost of healthy food. There’s an entire network of people dedicated to smuggling seeds and cuttings to small farms around the world. They use many techniques, and some of the same pathways, as drug smugglers. There’s an uneasy permeability between the world of agriculture and narcotics. Last year the US border patrol reported one bust which netted them 10 kilos of cocaine and several canisters filled with squash seeds. Underground grow rooms and heat dissipation systems, traditionally used for growing marijuana under the watchful eye of the War on Drugs, are now being used in some places for growing food.
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