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Bookmarks for October 3rd

  • Caffeinated coffee linked to vision loss – A new study suggests caffeinated coffee drinkers should limit their intake to reduce their chances of developing vision loss or blindness. According to a scientific paper in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, heavy caffeinated coffee consumption is associated with an increased risk of developing exfoliation glaucoma, the leading cause of secondary glaucoma worldwide.

    "Because this is the first study to evaluate the association between caffeinated coffee and exfoliation glaucoma in a U.S. population, confirmation of these results in other populations would be needed to lend more credence to the possibility that caffeinated coffee might be a modifiable risk factor for glaucoma," said Kang. "It may also lead to research into other dietary or lifestyle factors as risk factors.
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  • Hidden Taxpayer Costs | Good Jobs First – In June 2005 the Institute for Local Self-Reliance obtained data from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services on companies with workers enrolled in Medicaid and other public assistance programs (data on dependents was not available). At the top of the list was Wal-Mart, with 751 workers receiving benefits. It was followed by supermarket chain Hannaford with 527 and LL Bean with 170.

    In November 2005 the Lewiston Sun Journal obtained information from the state Department of Health and Human Services on those employers with the largest number of workers on MaineCare (the state's version of Medicaid), food stamps and TANF (temporary assistance to needy families). At the top of the list was Wal-Mart, with 1,100 employees in one or more of the programs, followed by the supermarket chain Hannaford Bros. (662), L.L. Bean (362) and Shaw's Supermarkets (257).

    Sources: Press release issued June 28, 2005 by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance; available online at and Kathryn Skelton, "Working, On Welfare: Thousands in Maine Have Jobs, But Get Assistance," Lewiston Sun Journal, November 14, 2005.
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Bookmarks for September 12th

  • Print Your Own Penis | VICE – Seriously; straight out of Delany.
    Meanwhile, at Harvard, a team of frightening people have engineered biocompatible robot flesh that can bond with human tissue and directly access the body’s electrical system. In success, the body would treat attached devices as organs to be operated by the central nervous system. An utter blurring of the line between the synthetic and the biological.
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