Bookmarks for February 17th

  • I Am Dave Allen – Thinking – Radiohead and research versus media companies and the iPad – Or how a rock band schooled Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson.

    On February 14th Radiohead announced the release of their new album The King of Limbs. You can pre-order it here if you're so inclined.

    I was reading a brief article today in which the band's manager was quoted as saying – “Our allegiances are to the band. We manage Radiohead, we don’t manage retail or labels, we just manage the band and are just trying to do the best possible thing to allow another brilliant record to be embraced by the fanbase.” I like that sentiment for many reasons.

    Something else I read recently that I like for many reasons is this – "Society is engaged in the present with solving problems of the past." That's a quote by the social scientist Jonathan Haidt taken from a NY Times article in February. In a TEDx talk that I gave last week at the University of Oregon's White Stag building in Portland, I paraphrased Haidt's quote – "Rupert Murdoch is engaged in the present in solving the financial problems of print media companies."
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