2017-2018 Happy New Year!!

So it’s 2018 now. A new year. Time for changes, as it were. 2017 ended in a not so good way for me, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer on November 14th. Ive had one operation on my spine to remove a mass that was impinging my spinal cord, and causing pain, and some bad neuropathy in my legs. The operation took care of the pain, but I still don’t have full function of the legs.
I’ve been through radiation, and have started chemotherapy. This week I head for Dana-Farber in Boston, to see if I’m a candidate for stem cell replacement therapy, which has great success in long remission.
More changes in 2018. I am going on the ketogenic diet/life style. I started this already, but have not done perfectly so far. You all can help me by not sending foods with sugar, or high carb things like pasta, bread (including anything made with flour) legumes, etc.
My diet needs to cut these out, and include meat (organic grass fed/pasture raised is best, more expensive though), veggies (lots of veggies), good fats (olive oil, coconut oil, butter, ghee, avocado oil). This diet has been shown to help with, not only preventing cancer, but with battling it.
I appreciate all that everyone has done in the past 2 months, you are all great. But please try to remember I’m battling something that is never truly cured according to the doctors, and need all the advantages I can get.
Also in 2018, I’m hoping to get the brace off pretty soon, and starting on OT or PT so I might not need the walker any more.

Sharing is Caring