Translucent Concrete Lets The Light Shine In (via io9)

Mad Materials Science: Translucent Concrete Lets The Light Shine In

translucent concrete

What’s particularly impressive about translucent concrete is that the optical fibers only make up 4% of the mixture, which is what allows (they claim) the concrete to retain the same “technical data” as normal concrete. In layman’s terms we’re assuming this means “Pretty light shine through, house not fall down.” Based on the photos of the concrete in action, and if this load-bearing claim holds up (get it?) then we imagine that this would get put to immediate use in the construction of formerly boring government buildings everywhere.

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Hehe, this looks pretty cool, and vaguely useful. Like you can see how big a mob as amassed outside your walled fortress, and never have a baseball-shattered window again. 😀

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