Time to Impeach Pres. Bush?

That’s really not question. I think that it really is time, with the NSA domestic spying news, and the president admitting to ordering the felonious acts.
Domestic spying against US citizens, wiretaps without warrants is illegal–a felony.
With the president admitting to this, and, also, saying that he will continue to do it, I’d say it’s time to show him that he’s not above the law, and to impeach him. (They impeached Clinton for sexual hanky-panky, don’t you think that this is more serious, than that?)
More facts on this can be seen here: http://cryptome.org/small-call.htm
If we don’t bring this president to task for this, and show him that no person in the US is above the law, then we will surely become a dictatorship, sooner than later.

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