Sucky weather

Wow, 13 inces of snow in less than 24 hours. Merry Christmas.
At least it was lif=gt and fluffy, except where the plows packed it in, of course. The snow at the end of my driveway was about 3 feet deep, and packed in. I started to shovel it this morning after I got home from work, so we could get Jenny out and off to work, but she decided it was taken too long and walked to work, tellingme to stop and take a break “right now”. I did, and am happy that I did, because the snowplow came by about 45 minutes later, and filled what I’d shoveled right back in.
I got the driveway pretty well, and the walkway, then later asked Matt to widen out the end of the walkway, shovel out the mail box, and make a path to the cellar door. He did a superb job.
Maybe I’ll take pictures tomorrow.
That’s it from here today, except I finished Jenny’s presents today. WOOT!
Oh, and, my sister Denise brought over Xmas fudge. Another WOOT!
(We’ve got way too much junk food.)

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