Search alternatives

So Google is the Monster of all search engines, and it bugs me. Not just that it has become so big and influential (although that’s part of it), but for other reasons, like their collusion with the Chinese government, and privacy issues. I’m trying to find an alternative that is just as good–for me–but am having difficulties.
I won’t use Yahoo!, for basically the same reasons. I think that they are even more active in their collusion with the Chinese government, having actively turned in dissidents.
I’ve been using AskJeeves, but, am not completely satisfied with it. One reason is the relevance of the searches. I compared a search with Google from my search bar in Firefox and Google came up with the actual document I was looking for as the second link, where Ask got it as the tenth link. Not a major difference, I know, (and they both should have got it as the first link, in a perfect world), but still a pretty good one.
As it stands now, I’m gonna stick with AskJeeves as my default search engine, if anyone can think of a better one that I haven’t tried let me know in comments.

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