Monday Musings — 5FEB24

How about a book review?

Just finished this book, which has 2 long form interviews with Moebius, and a couple of shorter ones, and some other biographical stuff, and more.

This is definitely a book for the hardcore Moebius/Gir fan, and most people wouldn’t find it quite as interesting. It’s mor than just about his comics, it is in fact a biography written through interviews. It deals with his childhood, time in Mexico, his many Mentors/father figures, his drug experimentation, his philosophy, and also how he came to work on his various comics.

I found some of it tedious, but the parts I found so, might interest other people more. I think it came mostly from the interviewer trying to wring out all the juice from certain times in a couple of “cults”.

All in all it was a fascinating look at the life of one of the greatest comics artist who ever lived.

Artist Janice Lowry regarded the notebooks as “126 chapters of a memoir.” Her life’s journey, chronicled in her diaries, ended Sept. 20, 2009, when she succumbed to liver cancer. Archives of American Art

When Janice Lowry turned 11, inspired by reading The Diary of Anne Frank, she began keeping a journal. Not unusual for a young girl. What’s unusual is that throughout her life, Lowry—who died of liver cancer this past September at age 63—kept up her diaries.

From childhood on, Lowry filled small notebooks with daily musings and drawings. Then, in the mid-1970s, she moved to a larger format, 7 1/2- by 9 1/2-inch notebooks. For almost 40 years, Lowry—an artist best known for her intricate, three-foot-tall assemblages—filled the roomier notebooks with jottings and sketches. The pages contain everything from original drawings, collages and rubber-stamp images to observations about herself and the world, including the commonplace “to-do” lists many of us make: “pay bills/make plane res/get asthma med/Judi birthday gift.”

RIP Wayne Kramer

Wayne Kramer, the guitarist who co-created MC5 – of the rawest, most influential and politically engaged bands in US history – has died aged 75. His Instagram page announced the news: “Wayne S Kramer. Peace be with you. April 30 1948 – February 2 2024.”

That’s it for this Monday. The week is yours, use it wisely.

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