Monday Musings

Well what’s on the block this week?

Reading list;

  • The creative Act: A way of Being– Rick Rubin — Great So far. short chapters full of information.
  • The Ten Percent Thief –Lavanya Lakshminarayan — A future where the haves are virtual, and the have-nots are Analog. Told in vignettes.

Typing this on a new laptop, since I screwed up an upgrade on the old one, which is now useless. Nice to be able to use the whole keyboard again.

Here’s a link for us older people:

And another:

Made a batch of low sodium kimchi this week. First time. Haven’t taste tested yet, I hope it’s good.

I think that’s it for this Monday. Be good to each other, and remember not everyone can do the things they’d like to do. For themselves or others. So kindness is always the option.

Sharing is Caring