Monday Musings

Apple Crisp.

Got some Wolf River apples at the farmer’s market Sunday. Wolf Rivers are my favorite baking apple, They are humongous, and just the right tartness for pies and crisps, and baked apples. They bring back memories of climbing on the tree we had behind our childhood house, and eating the giant, tart apples when the tree produced.

This is one of the great thing about farmer’s market — the variety. There is stuff there, you’d never find in a regular supermarket. Also the fact that the food is grown sustainably (including the meats), it’s fresher than supermarket stuff, and better for you. You get to know the farmers, ranchers, bakers, etc.. They become friends, or at least acquaintances. Also their prices don’t go up as fast. Yes they are a bit higher, but that actually reflects the costs they incur.

Anyways the apple crisp is scrumptious.

My cardiologist recommended taking and extra bumax(water pill) on Tuesday. The next day I’d lost 6 pounds of fluid. I’ve kept that off. It didn’t do a lot in the legs, but my torso has been distended for several years now, with a large outgrowth on my left side. That’s all gone now, and I have a fairly normal looking belly. Go me! Now I have to start building muscle back. More protein and exercise.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a second. Israel and Palestine/Gaza. Hamas did an a terrible thing earlier this week. It can’t be excused. The reasons for it were/are many, but the action was overly extreme, with the murder of civilians. Now Israel is going to do more of the same to the Palestinians, carrying on their decades of treating the people of Gaza like dirt under a boot heel, or worse.


Did some painting this week, and finished a couple of commissions for Jenny. Now on to other things.

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