Monday Musings — 29JAN24

Well I thought a nice bit of color and niceness would go over good. Spent the weekend in the hospital getting IV-antibiotics for a foot wound, and am home now doing great. My shortest hospital stay in a long time. Today is for being home and making a grocery list (haha). But you all should watch the nice videos, and look at the pretty art, hopefully it starts your Monday nicely.

Teacups” (2023) – Written & Directed by Alec Green & Finbar Watson, Voiced by Hugo Weaving
For almost half a century, Don Ritchie would approach people contemplating suicide at the edge of a cliff near his home.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to listen, and a cup of tea.

“I enjoy the process of freely imagining myself, following the inspiration I get from everyday life. It is a process of forming new creations by connecting various ideas and images encountered in the process of work, like solving a guess or puzzle. Exploring this infinite world of imagination and feeling energized through this process fuels my passion for my work, and I find unique and vibrant traces in the results.”

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