Monday Musings–25MAR24

I am basically a shut in. I can’t drive, I don’t have an ebike, which I’m not sure I could use anyways (maybe an etrike), and winter around here is not the best time for those anyways. So until recently I was having to wait on being able to get a ride somewhere. What i figured out this week is I don’t have to do that. This is actually a great time to be a shut in. No seriously. It is the best of times, if you can’t get out of your house, not like 15/20 years ago. I think a lot of it is fall out from the whole covid business, but it’s true. You can have groceries delivered, either via the store itself, or many of the services like uber__, or grubhub. Take out delivery from your favorite restaurant? No problem. Lowes, Homedepot, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Walgreens, they all deliver. Sometimes it’s free, and sometimes they charge a fee. Some places don’t deliver, but you can get your items shipped to you fairly quickly. Also check your city for bus schedules, to see if they have buses, or ride shares for disabled people.

This all is not as relevant for people who live out in the countryside. Same day delivery is probably not an option for groceries, and delivery fees would probably not be cheap. But there are still some options,I’m sure.

Oh, yeah, and it’s Spring. 😀

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  1. And that’s the truth … COVID gave some wonderful options.

    I think and “e-trike” would be wonderful. A friend has an e-bike
    and it has become the delight of his life … he’s 82, and walking
    the hills of Ellsworth was too much to do.
    The e-bike has given him freedom to roam, to go to the store,
    the library, anywhere in town… before dark

    Like most of us silver buddies, after dark is our time to stay off the road …
    reminds me of when we could play outside being told to get home when the porch light came on or the street lights signaled dusk.

  2. I hear you Cuz! It was cold here in Scottsdale yesterday. Only 65°. It’s all relative.
    And yes, Amazon is my friend for a lot of things. It is very nice to order something and have it show up the next day.
    And since my eyes have gotten so bad, I have not driven in almost a year and a half. I am able to ride my bike to and from work a mile each way so that helps. But it really does suck not being able to hop in the car and just go somewhere.
    I am sending positive vibes to you, cousin. Take care man.

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