Monday Musings — 13NOV23

Release Thoracic Spinal Cord, Open Approach 14NOV2017.

This week is the sixth anniversary of my Multiple Myeloma diagnosis. It started on Sunday 12Nov2017 with an MRI that showed tumors in my T7 vertebrae. They sent me to the emergency room,, and admitted me to the hospital. That’s where I met my angel surgeon, Dr. Joanna Swartzbaugh, who, literally, saved my life. Or at least my ability to walk, such that it is. Two days later (the 14th) I had that thing in bold up above, Joanna couldn’t get an operating room before then. She took out a tumor the size of two golf balls from my spine. The scar from that surgery is the most wonderful scar in the world.

Three days later Dr Catherine Chodkiewicz did a bone marrow biopsy and confirmed my diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma cancer.

And that was the start of this journey. It’s had its up and downs, but six years later, I’m still here. I “endeavor to persevere”. And I will.

From Charles Hugh Smith on Self Reliance:

In my experience, these eight soft skills (as opposed to the hard skills of tradecraft) are useful because they help us organize working with others. I cover these skills in greater depth in my book Get a Job, Build a Real Career and Defy a Bewildering Economy (2014).

1.​Learn challenging new material.

2.​Creatively apply new skills to a variety of fields.

3.​Be adaptable, responsible and accountable.

4.​Apply entrepreneurial skills to any task, i.e., take ownership of one’s work.

5.​Work effectively with others, both in person and remotely (online).

6.​Communicate clearly and effectively.

7.​Build human and social capital, i.e., knowledge and networks.

8.​Possess a working knowledge of bookkeeping, spreadsheets and project management. Those with hands-on skills and these soft skills will be optimized for an economy that favors flexibility—skills that can be productive in a variety of environments.

That’s it for this week. Always have a plan B, C, etc. … As Mike Tyson said; “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” Plan for the best, but have back up plans for when the worst happens.

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