Monday Musings — 1 JAN2024

Happy New Year!

Don’t Make a “New” New Year’s Resolution

You don’t have to wait until the New Year to make a resolution. And you also don’t have to make a new resolution because it’s a new year. You can choose to have less stress and more success anytime by updating the meaning behind old goals, picking a quick win to cross off your list, and by helping someone achieve something that matters to them.

That’s my advice for you all (and Psychology Today’s).

I’m hoping this will be a better year than 2023. Spent a lot of time in the hospital. Don’t like that. My energy levels have sucked, especially towards the end of the year. Got to figure that out. Part of the problem is chemo drugs, part is that food doesn’t always taste good to me. Even trying to choke down a scrambled egg is hard sometimes. No resolution will fix that, but I’ll figure something out.

I am starting a new thing though. 30 days of drawing for 10 minutes, each morning. I belong to a group that’s doing this so hopefully we can keep each other on it. I may post the drawings here also.

Sharing is Caring

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings — 1 JAN2024”

  1. Happy New Year !

    Good for you ! The practice of a creative start is awesome.

    I paint on Thursday AM on Zoom with a small group of artists
    in Prospect Harbor / It is a “drop in” group ..
    Connect and Create with individual projects with a short share at the end, and sometimes we work in silence, then have a question or comment … basically, a positive group experience.

    Peace and love always

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