Fixing problems

So I use the Scribefire plugin for Firefox to post on the blog sometimes. It’s pretty handy if you happen on a page you like, you can blog right from there with out having to got to your site, and open up admin, etc…

But, for a ouple ofmonths now, I’ve been getting this error message:

The server returned a malformed response. Please check that your blog and API URLs are correct.

I searched everywhere for a solution, but the Scribefire people kept saying it wasn’t there fault. Well it turns out they were right. Today I had some time to track stuff down, and finally found out it was one of my other WordPress plugins screwing stuff up for me.
The plugin was Open Web Analytics, and it was using GET instead of POST to get stuff from the API. I deleted it, and installed a different one (myStat–which is prettier anyways). Problem solved.
Yay, me!

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