Closed source fanatics?

Wow! I knew that there were Open Source Fanaticstm, (see just about any thread at Slashdot, but Closed Source Fanatics? That’s a link to an Opera discussion forums’ thread about open sourcing Opera.
Interesting how many people think that all OSS is bloated, and that anyone can just add code willy-nilly, which isn’t really true. I mean you can do that, if you want, for your own puposes, but most projects have a pretty formalized patching system (esp. the Linux Kernel ), so that isn’t a big problem.
Bloat isn’t either a OSS, or CSS, featue, it’s comes from bad sofware engineering, and it can happen in either closed or open source developing.
Opera is a fine browser, and I use it myself, but not as my default, right now, although I did until I found Firefox, back when I still used Windows. I must say that with Firefox being so slow on Ubuntu that I’m thinking about changing that. I’m hoping that the 1.5 release of Firefox will change that, and that it’ll get into Ubuntu sooner, rather than later, because I do love it for more reasons than it being OSS.
Well there are advantages to both OS and propriorty developing–I think that there are more advantages on the OS side, –and I use both types of software, because I use the best software that I can find on the system that I use, and , because that’s what freedom is all about.

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