Harry Potter Day

Yes, that’s right, the 6th Harry Potter book came out today, with all sorts of hype and secrecy. So we took a trip to the big city (not specifically looking for the book, just general shopping) and went to several stores (yes some big box ones 😀 ), and we went to Borders, and they had people liined up at the door, being checked to see if they had pre-orederd dit, and getting little tags to take to the counter so that they could get their book. I bought my magazine, and we headed out.
Interestingly enough up the street and a ways aways there’s a Kmart, and stacked up in a big pile by the front door, is Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince for $18.99 each.
Well long story short, my stepsons got a copy of it on the first day, with no hassle, or anything. I’m not usually a big fan of the “Big K”, but I’ve got to say that the lack of hype there about it was real nice.
Damn–it’s a kid’s book, already. Do we really need all this hype. Is this what we have to look forward to for the next six books? I mean they’re fun, and adventurous, but they aren’t that good.

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