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Gimp 1oth Anniversary

Well The Gimp is having it’s tenth anniversary. Just in time for the release of Gimp 2.2.10. And they’re having a SplashScreen Contest. I entered twice, you can see the entries below:

The Gimp is an Open Source project that doesn’t sucktm. It has many good qualities, and some that aren’t good (I really hate the UI–as do many people, more about that some other time.)
As a replacement for Photoshop it is lacking in some areas (the, afore-mentioned, UI, gif animation, image map slicing, and CMYK color management), and excels in others (scriptability, extensibility, portability–you can use it on Unix, Mac, and Windows, and price–free as in freedom, and beer.)
Rock on Wilber!

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Lee Bontecou

I saw Lee Bontecou’s work, for the first time, last year, at MOMA and, immediately fell in love with her work. I was doing something else today, and came across an other article about her here, with some work I hadn’t seen in the retrospective.
She was in Leo Castelli’s “stable”, with Rauschenberg and Johns, in the 60’s, and then, just walked away from it, but has continued to make art over the last 30+ years. And what art it is.
If you get a chance to see it in real life, do so, picture don’t do it real justice, as some of her welded pieces stick out from the wall 3 or 4 feet.

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How to Draw a Bunny

How to draw a Bunny The documentary about the strange life (and strange death/suicide)
of Ray Johnson.
The enigmatic Johnson was a great collagist, affiliated with the Pop art movement, a performance artist (he called them “nothings”), one of the founders of the the “New York Correspondence School”, and the father of mail art.
The documentary begins, and ends, with his death, and is a wonderful walk through a strange life.
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Oh how I wish…

…I was an Oscar Mayer(tm) weiner….
Sometimes things don’t always go as well as planned–know what I mean?
My wife wanted an “abstract” for our living room, and I started one, that as I went along, found that I hated. So I flipped the panel over and painted what’s shown below.

Untitled 1--2005

It’s a darn good painting, but, of course, Jenny couldn’t deal with having it in the living room. Oh, well–at least I got a good painting out of it. I started on another for the livingroom last night, we’ll see how that goes over. 😀

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Norman Bluhm

My favorite quote from an interview with Norman Bluhm (1921-1999):

Today a lot of painters, and a lot of abstract painters, don’t draw at all. They don’t even know how to draw. I’ve always thought that one of the great elements of great art is drawing. From the Renaissance to Matisse and Picasso, and even the Impressionists — every one of the greater painters could draw.

I think as you get older, your knowledge naturally increases. Your desires become, and I don’t mean this in a religious context, more spiritual. The work has become more spiritual. The desire is to create another kind of space, another form of color.

Untitled #2 1964

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