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Episodes with Wayne Thiebaud


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Author: Eve Aschheim
Pages: 106
Category: Art
Publisher: Black Square Editions
Publication Date: 2014
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Episodes with Wayne Thiebaud

In Episodes with Wayne Thiebaud, Eve Aschheim and Chris Daubert interview Wayne Thiebaud in four extensive conversations in his studio. Thiebaud, known for his iconic paintings of cakes, pies and counter displays, is one of the last living painters of the Pop era. Staunchly maintaining his independence from that group and others, he went on to develop vertiginous cityscapes, deeply abstracted rural landscapes and, most recently, monolithic mountains. In these extended conversations, conducted between 2009 and 2011, Thiebaud reveals himself to be extremely well read, articulate, humorous, self-deprecating and opinionated. Covering a wide range of topics, he discusses his early years in New York, where he became friends with Willem and Elaine de Kooning and hung out at the Cedar Tavern; his return to California; the many influences on his work (Krazy Kat, Persian miniatures, de Kooning, Diebenkorn, Hopper, Balthus, de Chirico); his working methods and thoughts on painting; and his advice to young artists.
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Ursula K. Le Guin – RIP

I just learned that Ursula Le Guin has died at the age of 88. She was one of the shining lights of science fiction and fantasy, and will be missed. From The Dispossed to The Left Hand of Darkness to her Earth sea series, and essays on writing and other subjects, she brought a sharp mind and a way with words that were unparalleled. She will be missed, but leaves a great legacy, which I will be enjoying throughout the rest of the year.
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Beyond The Empire – K. B. Wagers

Annie Dillard – The Writing Life

Ursula K Le Guin – No Time To Spare


Ink portrait of MLK for Martin Luther King Day. 6×4 inches Ink on watercolor paper.

6x4 inches Ink on Watercolor Paper

6×4 inches
Ink on Watercolor Paper

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Jay Defeo and The Rose

Jay Defeo worked on the massive painting, The Rose, for 8 years. When it was removed from her apartment, it basically went into storage for almost 30 years, before being restored and conserved by the Whitney museum.The artist never got to see her most famous piece hanging in a museum like she wanted. This book of essays, and photos, gives a good overview of The Rose’s and Jay Defeo’s place in art history.

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Chuck Close: Work

This is not a book, it’s a TOME. It’s 12x14x2 inches and you could kill a cat with it. I read Finch’s Chuck Close: Life before this, so there’s a lot that is already covered, but this book is worth it for the giant pictures, and more detail on process. This is the 2010 edition, there is a newer one that updates to 2014 (I think), but there doesn’t seem to be that much more in it, just a few more pages.

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The Principles of Uncertainty

This is a great Artist’s memoir, with nice art, and text that ties in history with biography and travel. It’s a fast read also.

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